Deborah Stein aka bonbon oiseau is a living artist, illustrator and activist in New York City with forays into the landscapes of the American Southwest, France and India. Her recent works on paper with water, paint and hand made pigments are experimentations exploring humaness in this big lifey world.

She created the Bonbon Oiseau Workshop in NYC in 2004 designing jewelry and accessories for One Kings Lane, BEAMS, Tokyo, Spree, Paris and other stores internationally. In 2016, she transitioned the studio to return to her art practice, creating drawings, paintings and prints, illustration and design work. She's especially interested in picture books making, editorial assignments, and designing beautiful things for the Paper and Home Decor markets. She gives a portion of her creative profits to organizations she believes in. Buy art or prints and hire her for jobs often please!

More About:

Making images, or anything really, is a way to organize emotions like hope and discomfort, joy, wonder, pain, and love and loop us into the world by giving life to these stories. By looking closely at the complexities and eccentricities of nature and it's phases, cycles, beauty and ugliness, Deborah looks at her own experience through the engine of drawing, handwriting, paint, textiles. In her process, she works through ideas about the meanings of time, awe, chaos, politics, death, beauty, perfection, ownership, and survival. These are the ideas that made the short list. She also loves color, amateur anthropology, watching life in the garden, long walks, her dog Pablo (and the good work of the animal world in general), her husband James and waking up really early.

She collaborates with artist Tamika Rivera on Here Projects, runs the Women's March NYC Arts and Events Page and is part of the NYC based agit-prop art collective We Make America. In January 2017 she worked with the Women's March-NYC Chapter as Arts & Events coordinator and raised significant funds with the sale of her prints for the Women's March and the National Institute for Reproductive Heath. She is writing this now and isn't sure why it's in the third person.

For inquiries about original artworks, prints, illustration work, or special projects, click that little envelope icon down below and let's chat about art. Find prints for sale here.

Her site  One Awesome Thing is about creativity, life and hard human being stuff which is great and you should visit there as soon as you're done here.