Wazzup?, Munnar, India 2012
 Hider, Vypin Island, India 2012
 Seeker, Vypin Island, India 2012
 Jungly, Vypin Island, India 2012
 Melons, Bangalore, India 2012
 Fronds, Bangalore, India 2012
 Tourist Boat, Kochi, India 2012
 Morning Cooker, Vypin Island, India 2012
 Catch of the Day, Palolem, India 2012
 Haul, Palolem Beach, India 2012
 Fishers and Merchants, Palolem Beach, India 2012
 Road Marker, Munnar, India 2012
 Onam Greetings, Vypin Island, India 2012
 Love and Temporality, Vypin Island, India 2012
 Jasmine Dealer, Mysore, India 2012
 Marigold Guy, Mysore, India 2012
 New Tattoo, Age 8, Mysore, India 2012
 Chilies Seller, Margao, India 2012
 Dry Coconuts, Margao, India 2012
 It Takes A Village of Marigold Growers Top Grow This Many Marigolds, Mysore, India 2012
 Blue Door, Mysore, India 2012
 Worship Accoutrements, Mysore, India 2012
 Besties, Siem Reap, Cambodia 2013
 Flowering, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2013
 Offering, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2013
 Lotus Eater, Pnomh Penh, Cambodia 2013
 Water bearing, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2013
 Offering, Phnomh Penh, Cambodia 2013
 Saying No, Pnomh Penh, Cambodia, 2013
 Fish Merchant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2013
 Breakfast, Pnomh Penh, Cambodia 2013
 Herba Buena, Marketplace, Oaxaca City, Mexico 2010
 Jugo Bar, Oaxaca, Mexico 2010
 Herbaliste, Oaxaca, Mexico 2010
 Oaxaca Flora, Mexico 2010
 Cochinealed, Oaxaca, Mexico 2010
 My Rooftop, Oaxaca, Mexico 2010
 Peas, Oaxaca, Mexico 2010
 Eat Me, Oaxaca, Mexico 2010
 Procession, Oaxaca, Mexico 2010
 Nightfalling, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2010
 Low Hanging, Todos Santos, Mexico, 2011
 Aphrodisiac, Todos Santos, Mexico 2011
 Thpore, Vancouver Island, 2011
 Thporez, Vancouver Island, 2011
 Thporez, Vancouver Island, 2011
 Hey Tiny, Vancouver Island, 2011
 Mycro Magic, Vancouver Island, 2011
 Early Spring Gifts, Atlas Mountains, Morocco, 2011
 Valley Of the Flowers, Atlas Mountains, Morocco, 2011
 Muhammed, Atlas Mountains, Morocco, 2011
 Marketplace, Skoura, Morocco, 2011
 Marketplace near Skoura, Morocco, 2011
 Dry River Road, Valley of Flowers, Morocco, 2011
 Picnic, Valley of Flowers, Morocco, 2011
 Late Summer Sun, La Villita, New Mexico, 2016
 Hollyhocks, La Villita, New Mexico, 2016
 Patron Saint, La Villita, New Mexico, 2016
 Crew, La Villita, New Mexico 2016
 Giver, La Villita, New Mexico, 2016
 Plaza Blanca with Dog, Abiquiu, New Mexico 2015
 Old Spanish Trail, Alcalde, New Mexico, 2015
 Mesa with Sky Pattern, Cortez, Colorado, 2015
 Monument Valley, Utah, 2015
 Geology and The Rain God, Utah, 2015
 Farther than It Appears, Monument Valley, Utah, 2015
 Clouds, Valles Caldera, New Mexico, 2016
 Tails, Toadlena, New Mexico, 2015
 Statements, NYC 2016
 Transcience, NYC 2017
 Independence Parade, Humboldt, Iowa 2016
 The Lake, Little Wall Lake, Iowa 2016
 Woodshed, Humboldt, Iowa, 2016
 Pocahontas, Iowa, 2014
 Tourist Attraction, Pocahontas, Iowa 2014
 Birthday Cake, Catskills, 2014
 Choices, LIC, NYC 2015
 Arrangement, NYC 2016
 Vitamins and Asparagus on Garbage Day, NYC 2016
 Mums, NYC 2016
 Signs, La Luncheonette, NYC 2016
 The Dog Inside My Brain, (featuring my dog Pablo), NYC 2016
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