America 101

I was honored to be asked to create a logo (left) for a new project by Eh-den Perlove and Lily Claire Nussbaum, former colleagues form the NYC Chapter of the Women's March on Washington. I'm looking forward to see how they use their final choice in the future! More info about their work here



UPSTANDERS, is part of the LIC OPEN at the FACTORY LIC May 17 -May 18 2017           THIS show has been extended through June 11th!

My work "We are the Storm and the Horizon: A New Vision for America" will be on view in this exhibition.

"The relationship between awe and the inner order and untamed chaos of nature to the universe of humanness is a long and complicated one.  This past election cycle and the trends in the American drift have tested balance and protocol and the limits of the individual and national psyche in difficult and often oppositional ways. The response is large, and slow evolving, taken on by different fronts driven by fast-moving political and social storms. Rebecca Solnit aptly wrote, "Disaster is a lot like revolution: disruption and improvisation, and an exhilarating sense that anything is possible." In creating invisible atmospheres, storms and paintings of stopping points within what feels like landscapes, this group of story drawings became an ongoing expression that hope and grief live on the same plane and the outcome of our future lives inside that. Maybe this loop of stories aka drawings contains that dialogue."




WE ARE NOT BORDERS, Crowns and Jewelry by Deborah Stein in collaboration with Maria de Los Angeles.

"Jesus, Moses and Mohammed were refugees. In honor of the immigrant tradition that built this Republic composed of a populace escaping religious or economic horrors in their homelands—in turn decimating the original North American Indian population—and in front of a decidedly neo-fascist political moment in our history affecting much of the world, WhiteBox opens it’s democratic nonpartisan traditional doors to a Valentine’s Day celebration of cultural immigration, Government labeled “illegal.” This illegal movement composed of over eleven million laborious human beings, working jobs ranging from the menial but necessary jobs, to the cultural, academic and high tech industries, pays taxes and gets little in return.

Partial proceeds of exceptional sale of fashion garments and accessories, will benefit a Downtown Sanctuary center, TBA.

Valentine’s Party with open mic, DJ, live music, performances and lots of love at WhiteBox to follow.


Photos by George de Castro Day